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Monday, August 15, 2005

10 Sizzling Offers That Sell Like Crazy

One of the best way to increase your sales is to offer your potential customers a special offer. It could be
trial offers, discounts, purchase awards, etc. Below are ten sizzling offers you could use to sell your products like crazy.

1. You could offer your potential customers a free sample of your product. If the sample proves what you claim, there is a high chance they will buy it.

2. You could give your potential customers a free trial of your product or service. Tell them you won't bill them for 30 days.

3. You could offer your potential customers a rebate after they buy your product or service. They will feel they are getting a good deal.

4. You could offer your potential customers a monthly payment plan. Tell them they can pay for your product or service with three easy monthly payments.

5. You could reward your potential customers if they buy a specific number of products. Tell them if they buy 3 or more products, they will get one free.

6. You could reward your potential customers if they spend over a specific dollar amount. Tell them if they spend over $100, they get a 10% discount.

7. You could hold a holiday sale for your potential customers. Tell them everything on your web site is discounted up to 50% on Thanksgiving Day.

8. You could hold a buy one get one free sale for your potential customers. Tell them if they buy one product, they get another product for free at the same value.

9. You could hold a special $1 sale for your potential customers. They'll come to your web site to buy your product for only a dollar, but may buy other products.

10. You could offer your potential customers a bonus coupon when they buy one of your products. It could be a coupon for another product you sell.
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Sunday, August 07, 2005

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

New breakthrough video!

I have made a new video that will be in the soon-to-come update of "The BLACK BOOK of Online Business!" (Available at

And the location of the video itself is at:

Check it out, and be sure to get the download of The BLACK BOOK to be notified when the full-featured, enhanced AUDIO and VIDEO "The BLACK BOOK of Online Business!" is released!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Website updates-

The BLACK BOOK website at underwent some changes today and the Theme Site reciprocal link feature is now up, and growing.

If you haven't "gotten" it yet- reciprocal links are a fantastic way to jump up in search engine rankings and produce a LOT of traffic to your website if you follow a dedicated amount of effort to it.

This is all preparation to the next update to The BLACK BOOK, which will be filled with some great audio and video streaming links... and of course rebranding capabilities that will make The BLACK BOOK not only a list building MACHINE but ALSO an affiliate marketers' "flame-throwing" money naker!

Look for it soon- and until then HAPPY and PROSPEROUS marketing!

Monday, June 13, 2005

The BLACK BOOK of Online Business is just about updated!

Just to let you all know, I am now completing the all new audio and video enhanced BLACK BOOK of Online Business very soon!

It has been gobs of work, but am pleased with the final results!

So... if you are marketing ANYTHING online in ANY capacity, go download the BLACK BOOK now and look for the link to be put on the notification list. You will be one of the first to know when it is released... and when you find the SECRET, it will blow you away!!

Go get it right now: (Home of The BLACK BOOK of Online Business!)

Monday, May 30, 2005

Something old has become VERY powerful!

I once ran across this site a few years ago, and found that they had devised an absolutely ingenious way to drive targeted traffic to any website.

I mean HOARDS of it- and best of all it's FREE!

I just followed their step-by-step lessons (get this... they actually PAY you $10 to complete the lessons), and in the end you have the equivalence of a Master's Degree In Marketing and immediately you see a mile-high boost to your traffic.

But HOLD ON there partner (heh-heh, I live in Arizona!), I've only just scratched the surface here!

2 years ago I upgraded my membership from free to paid (it's called Platinum Membership).
Why did I do this? Well... it WAS a modest fee, and the benefits are HUGE!

- You get FULL-FEATURED web hosting
- You get unlimited TRACKING LINKS
- Platinum Membership lessons, including building a niche income and rebranding over 160,000 niche links, affiliate links, and income from the program itself!

That's only a taste- there is so much more that lies behind the surface of this innocent-looking and un-obvious website!

In fact- it has transformed from a fantastic traffic building university to also a INCOME-BUILDING system that, frankly.... it just has to be experianced!

I bet you are wondering what this website is, aren't you?

Well, it's called MPAM (Massive Passive Advertising Machine), and even if you haven't visited it in a while- you definately should do it NOW!

Fact is, you probably are paying for many things that are already included in Platinum Membership that you could save BIG BUCKS on right away!

Go there now- and don't blame me later if you don't! OK?


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Making money with digital photography and live events

Mind-probing ideas to turn your love for digital photography into a nice, part-time, side-line income!

New article posted at:

I just read Craig's story...

I just finished reading a letter from
Craig Perrine, The List Profit Coach,
about his bumpy journey to success.
I didn't know his background before,
but he's done some crazy stuff!

You may not have heard of Craig before,
he's known as The List Profit Coach
from his work helping hundreds of
people build profitable lists.

He came out of nowhere a couple years
ago when he partnered with Nitro Marketing,
but reading his story, it's clear he's
been an entrepreneur for literally
20 years since he was in high school.
I'm telling you about this because
Nitro Marketing is now looking for
someone to offer a million dollar
project they've got under wraps.

I thought you'd like to know about
this before everyone else does.

Richard Meredith